Shame Hack The book
Shame Hack The book

Shame is NOT a Life Sentence!

Do you experience painful feelings of not being enough? Sometimes it feels like you’re unworthy, unlovable or you don’t belong. If you feel inadequate or fundamentally flawed, then what you feel is shame.

Shame becomes toxic when it gets internalized. You identify with shame. This means shame moves from feeling unworthy to believing you’re unworthy. When the shame gets in deep it’s hard to simply shake off. Toxic shame becomes a lens you see yourself through. While intellectually you know better, in reality you feel, experience and present with toxic shame. Which in turn effects your ability to connect, be confident or happy.

The seeds of toxic shame may have taken root for a variety of reasons: abuse, neglect, trauma, C-PTSD, divorce, or simply being a sensitive soul.

The good news is shame is NOT a life sentence, so FREE yourself. You don’t have to live with toxic shame and listen to a harsh inner critic. You need not feel unlovable, unworthy or broken. You don’t have to hide your thoughts and feelings, people please, or try to win love from people. You don’t have to distract, disregard or intoxicate your shame away.

Shame Hack can help!

Most people apply the wrong strategies to resolve toxic shame such as: telling your story over and over, feeling your feelings, journaling, affirmations, “giving shame back,” or saying how loved you are while looking in the mirror. These strategies don’t go deep enough to get to root of the problem and transform the shame.

Shame Hack is different. We teach clients to feel, deal and heal from shame in a simple and powerful way. A way that gets to the root of shame so you can finally transform it and move forward.

The Shame Hack process was developed, tested and refined over 7 years on actual clients. It is field tested and proven. First Dolan developed Shame Hack to free himself from toxic shame. Then with individual clients. Then in classes.

Now he is expanding the classroom to go on-line. Shame Hack can free more people and not be limited by geography

Dolan Mayeda

I believe shame is not a life sentence

I believe that discovering your truth can change your life


I believe self love is showing your heart it’s worth the pain


~Dolan Mayeda


“I am deeply grateful for the emotional healing process Dolan guided me through. It was incredibly transformative in a short amount of time. I felt heard, acknowledged, honored, and respected for who I am as a person and I’ve learned to be more compassionate with myself. That makes a huge difference”
“When I first started seeing Dr. Mayeda, he walked me through the Shame hack process to help me deal with years of leftover emotional scarring. Each time I work on the Four Simple Questions, I understand the process more. Its moldable and flexible, and each time, I feel more empowered, more complete, more confident. This healing and freedom should be experienced by everyone. I want everyone to know how good it feels to be free of the baggage that has weighted down their lives and held them back from experiencing the truth.”
“I’ve been doing the Four Questions periodically and let me tell you, I am a believer. They really do help and I find myself being so kind to myself as well as more patient with others.”
“After two and a half hours in Dolan’s office learning how to feel again, I walked out with a new perspective. I had a lot of deeply rooted emotional problems that I was refusing to deal with until I ventured into the Four Simple Questions. After a short few weeks of practicing the Four Simple Questions, everyone started to notice. Today I am happier than I have ever been. There will be conflicts and problems, but now when something comes up, I know how to deal with it.”
“Before I Learned about the Four Simple Questions, I didn’t know how to identify or work through the painful feelings I had carried around for more than a decade. Dolan gently encouraged me to move forward, and I not only learned to work through negative emotion, but I also learned to understand my vulnerability in a new way- as a whole, healing person. After the Shame Hack work with Dolan, my understanding of myself through the use of painful emotion has shifted in a life altering way. Dolan’s method includes the critical healing piece I always felt was missing.”
I met Dolan about ten days after recovering a repressed memory about a violent sexual assault that occurred when I was eight years old. He only worked with me a short time, but the results are amazing. My “truth” that he helped me embrace is that I am pure. As soon as he said the word it was like my life flashed before my eyes and I could see all the scenes where me doubting my own purity led to pain and heartache and even physical symptoms. Even with twenty years of self help and healing work and being a therapist myself all those years, I had never considered or worked on this dynamic. The aftershocks of this session are still quivering through me but the changes are exciting. Right away I started to notice being more in my body. I impulsively went dancing for the first time in a year and suddenly HEAR and FEEL the music. Despite having a severe limp with hip pain for months, I danced with ease and grace!!! I started to notice that food tasted divine and that in general the worlds looked brighter. As I write this, today is the third day I have been able to walk without pain. I find myself doubting myself less and moving forward with decisiveness and clarity. My brief time with Dolan absolutely had a lasting impact on my life. I encourage all to his healing service a try!

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