Dolan Mayeda

Author of the powerful book

“Shame Hack”

Dolan Mayeda has been practicing Chiropractic Kinesiology since 2002. He practices a holistic approach to health and understands the important role of emotions in health and healing.

Dolan has always been curious about human nature and what people feel and experience. For him, one of best things is seeing a person discover their truth and free themselves from toxic shame. He loves it when the epiphany hits and the truth rings out. A person realizes they are lovable, safe, or belongs. It’s a precious moment.

Shame Resolution Expert

Shame Hack was born out of Dolan’s personal therapy and clinical experience to address something he felt was missing from more traditional emotional healing modalities: the opportunity of find meaning and demonstrate authentic compassion, both to oneself and others. Shame Hack offers a twist to resolving an emotional problem by feeling in your heart, not your head. Shame Hack addresses the feelings of shame and allows you to feel, address, and change them.

The Shame Hack process was developed, tested and refined over 7 years on actual clients. It is field tested and proven. First Dolan developed Shame Hack to free himself from shame. Then with individual clients. Then in classes. Now he is expanding the classroom to go on-line. So Shame Hack can free more people and not be limited by geography.

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“I dream big. I dream that Shame Hack will bring people together from around the world. When people share their truth with someone many miles away and they relate. In this way you can see that people have similar feelings and stories all the world over. I hope this connection shrinks the world a bit and makes it a little more loving and compassionate place.” – Dolan Mayeda

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