This is a testimonial from one of my clients that we will call, K.

She discovered her truths, I Am Sensitive, I Am Caring, and I Am Safe. Below, she shares how she felt before and after discovering each truth.


Before My Truth:

I felt misunderstood most of the time. Being misunderstood would cause me to stay quiet when I really wanted to speak out because I did not want to be judged. I cried easily but didn’t want to be thought of as “sensitive” because most people think being sensitive is a negative trait. I needed downtime in order to recharge after a stressful day and/or week and didn’t want to divulge this information to many people because I thought they would see me as weak. Hearing repetitive noises, be it road work, repetition in a song, a dog barking, babies crying , dishes clanking made me want to crawl out of my own skin. I almost never watched the news or anything that scared me or caused me anxiety.

After My Truth:

When Dolan asked me if I knew that I was a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I thought: “Well, I know I’m sensitive but I didn’t realize that was a thing.” After doing some reading on the HSP I now feel “free to be me”. If I cry during a conversation, I cry. I don’t mind using the term highly sensitive to describe myself now because I don’t think of it as a negative trait. I appreciate that part of me and see it as a gift. I give myself permission to schedule down time with a nap or maybe a good book. When repetitive noises persist I may excuse myself from the room for a little while, and/or if I can’t excuse myself just shift my focus. When someone asks me my opinion about world events or news I just tell them that I don’t watch the news (and I don’t feel bad about that).



Before My Truth:

If and when I ever saw an animal being ignored or treated unfairly my blood would boil. Sometimes I’d cry, sometimes I’d curse, but always I’d be ANGRY. I am bothered that animals are regarded at a lower level then humans. I feel pain in my heart when I see that an animal is not having their needs met. I believe this probably stems from my own childhood and not being understood, or maybe not getting the correct need met.

After My Truth:

When I expressed to Dolan how upset I get whenever I see or hear of an animal who is suffering or being misunderstood he worked with me to discover my inner truth. “I Am Caring”. When there are injustices in the world a caring person will be angry. Now, whenever I see or hear about the suffering of animals I feel the anger and to diffuse it I tell myself “I am Caring – Yep uh huh that’s right”. I repeat this truth as many times as I need to until I am able to quiet my anger. I may grit my teeth sometimes when I am saying it, but just the same it has helped me to know that it’s OK to be caring, that the world needs me to be caring and to keep being who I am.



Before My Truth:

I’ve always lived with some kind of fear and grief. Over the years I’ve worked on stuffing these feelings because I knew it didn’t do me any good to dwell on them. But the feelings would always creep in whenever I was faced with a situation that made me feel scared or sad.

After My Truth:

When I told Dolan a few weeks ago that someone very near and dear to me was leaving town for an indefinite amount of time he asked me to describe the feeling. The feeling was abandonment. I felt sad and hurt. I felt alone. Dolan helped me to find my truth and to recognize that the hurt and sadness I was feeling was related to feeling unsafe when I was a child. Once I was able to acknowledge why I was having these feelings, I felt a shift in my attitude. My truth is that “I Am Safe”. Now, whenever I feel anxious or alone I tell myself “I am safe”. When I leave for work in the morning and say goodbye to my pets I tell myself “they are safe.” When I am driving around in unfamiliar parts of town I tell myself “I am safe”. When I am about to embark on a new adventure and feel scared I tell myself “I am safe”. This feeling of safety has given me inner peace and comfort to face my future. I am more confident and less anxious about what life has to offer me.

Thank you Dolan.



Thank you K for sharing your story and kind words.

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