Like your body healing a physical injury, their is a natural process to healing emotional trauma, but it is up to us to choose to put it into action. Are you ready to do the work to heal?

Your body has a natural healing process. When you get cut, your body begins the process of healing: your blood clots to stop the bleeding, the site becomes inflamed to let you know if your injury, the skin re-grows and rebuilds, and the area is strengthened and healed. Your body does this every time you are injured. It is a repeatable process your body uses to keep you healthy.

Just like there’s a healing process for your body, there’s a repeatable healing process for your emotions. The big difference between them is that the emotional healing process is not automatic. Your body doesn’t heal your emotions for you. You have to do it. The good news is that the process is simple. The emotional healing process is three steps: feel, deal, heal. Let’s break those down.


  • When you’re experiencing unpleasant feelings, the first step is to feel them. Allow yourself to experience what you feel. Do not: repress, downplay or deny how you feel. Simply feel your feelings. While feeling your feeling, identify what you feel. Identifying this helps you know and understand what you are experiencing.


  • Now it’s time to deal. Now engage further and work through your feeling. Work towards coming to an understanding of what this feeling is all about. You already know what you’re feeling, so it’s time to go deeper. What is at the root of this feeling? Why are feeling it? Where is coming from? Dig deep and get to the bottom of the feeling. When you do that, you transform it.


  • Once you’ve transformed the feeling, it’s time to heal. Say the words to your heart that it’s always needed to hear. Speak to your heart with compassion, love, and patience. Share your wisdom and tenderness with your heart. Speak to your heart in a way that resonates. Your heart is getting the love, attention and affection. Your tender words are what your heart has been wanting and needing to hear to heal.

That’s the emotional healing process is a nutshell: feel, deal, and heal. This process can be repeated when you have unpleasant feelings you need to heal. Work your way through the three step process to help your heart heal.

Most of the time identifying your feelings is straightforward; you’ll recognize sad when you feel it. But one feeling is really tricky. That feeling is shame. Shame is different than other feelings because you identify with it, meaning it’s not that you feel bad, you are bad. That’s the difference; and that’s what makes shame tricky.

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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.

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