Last week, we talked about what it meant to feel your feelings and how important it is to emotional healing. Beyond that, feeling your feelings is an act of self love and a way to honor your heart.

Why is feeling your feelings an act of self-love? When you feel your feelings, you are honoring your heart. You are allowing your heart to tell you exactly what it is going on with it. Your heart doesn’t know how to lie. It can only feel the way honestly feel. When you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel. You connect with your heart in an honest and authentic way. You accept and allow your heart to feel as it does. This sense of acceptance feels like love. You are not judging or dismissing your feelings. You are allowing them to exist. By feeling your feelings you are taking interest in how your heart feels.

Feeling like someone is taking an interest in you also feels like love. By feeling your feelings you are trying to understand what you feel. When someone tries to understand what you feel. This can feel like love. If your feelings are difficult to feel or painful. Yet you are willing to feel them anyway. You sit with the painful feeling allowing it to be. You take interest in what is this feeling trying to identify and understand it. In spite of the pain it may bring, tells your heart it worth it. Your heart. Your feelings. Your suffering. Are worthy feeling for. In turn these messages to your heart tell it that you love it. You are expressing your love of self. This is why feeling your feelings is an act of self-love.

What often prevents you from feeling your feelings and experiencing this type of self-love, is unpleasant feelings such as shame. The most common reason why someone avoids unpleasant feelings is that it is painful. Fair enough. People avoid feeling for many reasons, and big one is it hurts.

This is where Shame Hack comes into play. Shame Hacks transforms the experience of that emotional pain from hurt to hurts so good. This shift the feeling from just being painful into something meaningful. Here’s a simple example, say you climbed the tallest hill in town. Awesome, yay you. That’s great. Was is a struggle? A little bit, but you handled it without any training or prep. Now say you climbed Mount Everest. Was it a struggle? Absolutely. Did it hurt at times? You bet. Did it challenge your belief in yourself? Of course. And because of the struggle, hurt and challenge climbing Mount Everest was that much more meaningful. The point is, it’s not just feel the pain of your feelings. It’s how you experience the pain of your feelings. One way is painful and the other is meaningful.

Many people avoid painful feelings because feeling them alone doesn’t necessarily resolve them. I can relate. I used to think, feel and talk about my feelings, what’s the point? I’ve changed my tune since them. When you feel your feelings and work through them so what you feel is meaningful and transformative. Feeling your feelings becomes a means of resolving deep hurt and transforming yourself. Feeling your feelings becomes something productive. Something life affirming and validating. This experience is the gateway to wanting to feel your feelings. This is the path to a self-reinforcing cycle of self-love.

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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.

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