As the summer heat begins to break and the cool night air moves in. I recently helped a client move from feeling abandoned to feeling safe.

Chelsea is a 41-year-old and career woman. She wants resolution on a recent situation that triggered feelings of abandonment.

Chelsea’s Story

Last week her step mother, Jane, told Chelsea that she was going back to her hometown in Michigan. Jane was going back to take care of her sister who had fallen ill. This meant that Jane would now be half way across the country. How long she would stay or if she would need to move was uncertain.

Naturally Chelsea wanted to be supportive and understanding of her step mom. But the news and possibility of Jane moving out of town, stabbed Chelsea in the heart. She felt abandoned.

But first a little background, so you can get where Chelsea’s abandonment is coming from. Chelsea’s parents divorced when she was 6 and she ended up living with her dad. She occasionally visited her mother, but spent 90% of the time with her dad. In essence Chelsea’s mom was not in the picture. A year after the divorce her dad married Jane. Jane never had kids of her own and raised Chelsea as her own daughter. Chelsea sees Jane as her mom.

When Jane tells Chelsea that she’s going away. It triggers Chelsea feeling abandoned by her mother. Jane experience abandonment as feeling hurt, sad, and alone.

Chelsea and I work through her abandonment all while never getting into her past. Chelsea shifts feeling abandoned and discovers her truth “I am safe.” Feeling safe brings a huge senses of relief for her. Chelsea can let go the pain and fear of being abandoned, now that she knows she is safe.

Chelsea takes to heart that things are different now and she is safe. She is no longer alone. Knowing she is safe makes all the difference in the world. Chelsea relaxes into her new found inner peace and comfort zone. Feeling safe is her new normal.

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