The Clichés of Men Feeling their Feelings

We’ve all heard the clichés. Boys don’t cry. Man up. Real men don’t use emojis. Having feelings threatens your manhood. They make you weak or sensitive. Both labels seem derogatory.

What if having feelings didn’t attack your manhood. What if the premise of having feelings is all wrong? What if having feelings are the pathway to find your calling, your passion, your purpose? What if they’re a means to discover what’s in your heart?

Are Feelings for Wussies?

Feelings are for people who want to live their lives with heart. But that’s not how I used to think about feelings. I’ll confess. I was in the, Feel your feelings … what’s the point? camp. Why? What good will that do?

I was ill equipped to feel my feelings. Honestly I didn’t even know how, or want to for that matter. I tried my best to feel good things, including happy, fun, joy and peace. But mostly I felt annoyed, irritated and impatient. Which boomerangs back to the point, why feel in the first place?

Benefits of Feeling your Feelings

I did learn to feel my feelings, and that came with benefits. I could tell when I felt sad versus mad. I could tell when I felt hurt versus angry. I even went so far as to identify when I felt shame. Congratulations buddy, you can call it like you see it. Whoop de do, right? BFD.

Though, truth be told, identifying feelings had some unforeseen benefits. It’s calming to know how you feel. When you identify how you feel it brings some certainty. Then, at least you know what you’re working with.

But you’re not going to walk into someone’s sword just so you can identify that it’s a sword, right?

Can We Choose Our Feelings?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose how you feel?Then you would only feel happy and good. You would never feel frustrated or depressed. You would never feel lonely or unappreciated. But that’s not how it is. You can’t pick your feelings a la carte.

Feel your Feelings with a Twist

It’s not enough to just feel your feelings. You have to feel your feelings with a twist. You feel your feelings to resolve them. You feel to get something out of it. You feel with intent and purpose. This is the twist. That’s what Shame Hack is all about.

You feel to heal your heart. You feel to discover what’s in your heart. You feel to discover who you are. And ultimately, you feel because you want to feel purpose.

You want to learn the things that help you discover purpose. What is unique about you? What motivates you in a sustaining way? What excites you? What do you love? These discoveries are made by feeling. Our intellects don’t lead us to our passions; our hearts do.

It is Good to Feel

Feelings aren’t “bad” and only for bona fide sensitive wussies who easily get their feelings hurt. Is it so wimpy to feel thankful, grateful or appreciated? Is it wimpy to feel purpose or love? Do only wussies get to feel turned on? These are feelings too. It’s good to feel. It’s meaningful to feel.

Going through life without feeling is like living inside of a condom. It will keep you protected, but doesn’t feel anywhere near as good. Latex or love, how do you want to live?

What is in your heart? How does feeling your feelings, with a twist, help you?

Your Truth

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