Sometimes it feels like shame and your heart go hand in hand.

Your heart has shame. It believes you’re unlovable. Your heart just won’t believe you when you try and tell it otherwise. It doesn’t buy what you’re selling, because it doesn’t feel that way. Who is your heart going to believe? You, or your lying, shameful feelings?

In your mind, you might think you’re lovable. But your heart doesn’t feel that way. That’s why you don’t really feel lovable deep within your heart and soul. This is the power of shame.

Shame grows in our hearts from our life experiences; be that one small incident, or a lifetime of abuse. Shame doesn’t care about race, religion, gender or sexual identity. It’s an equal opportunity offender that wreaks havoc on the heart, keeps us mired in shame, and unaware of who we really are and our true potential.

Your heart feels your shame. Perhaps your shame runs deep (like so many others, mine did too). Perhaps shame has been there a long time, deceiving and confusing your heart. It’s no surprise that your heart just doesn’t believe you when you say, “I’m lovable.”

You have to prove it to your heart that you are lovable.

You have to be willing to understand your heart. You have to walk in its shoes. You have to feel what it feels. You have to be willing to feel unlovable to prove to your heart that you are lovable. You must feel your feelings.

But that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to feel unlovable. It hurts. It sucks. Why would you do that? You’ve been running from those feelings for years. Am I telling you that in order to stop feeling unlovable, you have to feel unlovable? I am! That makes no sense; I get it. That’s why it’s counter-intuitive. To feel, to heal, to put your shame to rest, you must go forward. Even when it seems like you should do the reverse.

Make sure to feel your feelings with a twist. The twist is the game changer.

Have you ever considered that your heart might be holding shame?  How has this affected your life?

Your Truth

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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.