When people think of the word sensitive in terms of a person, power is not what usually comes to mind. More often, “sensitive” is associated with easily hurt feelings or being emotionally weak. But there’s an extraordinary power to being sensitive that many people don’t consider.

When I talk about being sensitive, I’m talking about a person’s ability to feel their emotions. I’m talking about a person who ‘feels their feelings’. Sensitive people, by their nature, experience their feelings frequently and deeper than most. In other words, sensitive people get more practice feeling their feelings.

How does more experience ‘feeling your feelings’ translate into power? That’s simple when you think about the power of feeling understood. Feeling understood is such a rare, meaningful experience. Feeling understood means that someone displays empathy in a palpable way. They take the time to consider and feel your circumstance. They try to experience what you experience and relate that back to you. Understanding someone takes effort and appreciation of details and context.

Feeling understood has the remarkable power to heal. Feeling understood validates and creates connection. It helps us feel like we’re not alone. Something that helps a person feel validated, connected, and cared for is powerful.

So for those of you who may be sensitive and have considered it a liability, or if you at times fret that you feel too much or too deep, this is the nature of your power. Your ability to go deep emotionally. The range of feelings you experience. Your sensitivity is your gift to help other people feel understood. This is your power for the taking.

The best place to start to utilize your power is to first help yourself feel understood. When you can make yourself feel understood. You can help others to feel understood too, bringing both healing to yourself and others.

How have you experienced the power of feeling understood? Leave your comments below.