I believe in challenging shame. Shame has robbed you of feeling worthy. Shame has robbed you of feeling loved and feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Shame has taken so much from you. That is the price of shame. It’s time to take back what’s yours and heal the shame you feel inside.

Sometimes, when shame runs deep, it’s hard to feel loved, to let people love and accept the real you, warts and all. Making intimate connections can be especially difficult. Exposure! Ahhh! Letting love in can be scary. Love can be hard to trust. Perhaps love is even painful, especially if you’ve been wronged, hurt or scarred by someone in your past.

You need to feel safe in order to let love in. Feeling loved begins with you. This is why self-love is such a big part of Shame Hack. I’m not talking the pampering kind of love, such as a Gucci bag, manicures and pedicures, massages, or wine. Those are all well and good but those fleeting pleasures do not get through to your heart.

I’m talking about the kindness and love that would touch the heart of a hurting two-year old. You fill a toddler’s heart with caring attention. A two-year old is not impressed with a Gucci bag. A two-year old wants to feel understood and so do you. Kindness, love, and attention are what soothe a hurting heart.

Healing your heart and resolving shame occur when two conditions are met:

  1. You show your heart you know how it feels.
  2. You find meaning in your suffering.

Showing your heart you know how it feels helps you feel understood.

Finding the meaning in your suffering changes its very nature, bringing it to resolution. Achieving both of these two conditions is what Shame Hack is founded on.

If you want to learn more about resolving shame, so you can stopping the paying the high cost of shame. Then let’s talk. Book your free call today. It will be the best hour you spend on taking a look at what shame has cost you and how to free yourself from toxic shame.

Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.

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