It can be hard to let anyone in when you are grieving. But when you are able to connect with someone and feel understood, the rewards are very validating.

Imagine you’re grieving. Grief feels painful and isolating. You’re hurt, experiencing loss and longing. There’s a certain amount of aloneness that comes with grief.

Now imagine that while you’re grieving, someone came and talked to you. They told you exactly how you feel. They relate to you in a way that shows you, they know exactly how you feel. You feel understood. You don’t feel alone in your grief. You feel deeply understood. This person gets the nuance, depth and significance of your lose. Imaging how validating that would feel.

What a miracle of humanity this person is doing for you. They’re relating to you and understanding you in your deep dark low moment. A place where you feel alone. Perhaps a place where you suffer silently. Why do many of us suffer alone?

  1. You figure no one can do anything about your grief.
  2. You know grief sucks and you don’t want to lay it on anyone else and bring them down.
  3. To share your grief on someone who is emotionally tone deaf only makes the grief more hurtful and isolating.

This reason is hard to own because you don’t want to be a martyr. Yet this has been your experience with emotionally tone deaf people.

Yet when this special someone relates to you and understands you. What you feel is validation and connection, two experiences that should be human birth rights.

This special someone exists. Guess what? It’s you.

You can make yourself feel seen, related to, and understood. You just need to be willing to feel, deal, and heal.

Feel what needs to be felt. Deal with however that feels and transform that feeling into something validating. Heal and relate to yourself.

Wouldn’t it be magnificent to feel seen, related to, and understood? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was something under your control? Well, it is. This is why grief can actually be a way to deep validation. Perhaps it’s time to work with someone who can help you find the validation in grief.

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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.

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