Shame Hack

noun 1 An unusually clever resolution to the painful feeling of not being enough 2 A shortcut to overturning what makes you feel like you’re not enough 3 A method of discovering what lies deep in your heart 4 A way to work on yourself without involving your story 5 A quick shift from feeling sad, hurt, angry, fear, or shame 6  A resolution to a feeling that’s been bothering you 7 A way to help you feel understood

verb 1 To change the way you experience yourself  2 To discover your truth 3 To discover meaning, direction, and purpose by resolving shame 4 To demonstrate to your heart that you understand how it feels

What is Shame Hack?

Shame Hack is “feel your feelings” with a twist. Feeling your feelings is allowing yourself to experience your emotions unencumbered. As you feel your emotions unencumbered, you answer the Four Simple Questions. That’s the twist.

Shame Hack focuses on how you feel now, and that’s a beautiful thing. Why? Because how you feel now is what matters most. Sure you may have a history with hurt in it; and there’s nothing that can be done about that. But you can change how you feel now.

Shame Hack deals with how you feel with regard to a recent, specific situation. This is the feeling that’s up and active. This is what you feel now. Explanations, theories and rationalizations are great. But those don’t necessarily change how you feel. At the end of the day isn’t changing how you feel now the point?

Shame Hack is a feelings-driven process. The wisdom of your body to guides you. When you react with your truth, it resonates. You feel it. There’s no denying that the wisdom of your body is speaking to you. Feeling the truth in your body helps with visceral certainty, taking your head out of the equation.

Shame Hack is an introspective process. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You can if you wish. But sometimes it’s helpful to go through it with someone else. From a human perspective, it’s nice to be seen when you’re up to your nostrils in shame. Having someone there to acknowledge and validate you can in itself be healing.

What Shame Hack is Not

Shame Hack is not a process for rationalizing your feelings away.

-Shame Hack’s approach is not about seeking empathy from other people.

-Shame Hack is not about “your story.”

What you feel and its meaning is the focus.


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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself