Recently, I was talked into watching the show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix. Like many of you, a friend of mine was all about this show and told me it was a “must-see”.

Kondo, a renowned tyiding expert, assists her clients in clearing out the clutter and choosing joy in a series of inspiring home makeovers. She helps people declutter and re-organize their homes, and their lives, in an effort to reclaim and organize their space. It is an inspiring show that is making me rethink how I will organize my drawers and structure my life.

An overarching theme in the Kondo method is to only keep items that spark joy. Items, such as a piece of clothing, are momentarily held to see if it sparks joy. If it does, you keep it. If it doesn’t then you thank the item, and let it go.

What I found interesting was how some homeowners had difficulty feeling joy, especially at the beginning of the tidy-up process. Even a pleasant positive feeling, such as joy, can take practice to become familiar with. Over time, and with practice, the home-owner tuned into what joy felt like and was able to recognize it easily.

Learning to recognize joy is an exercise in feeling awareness. It’s a learned skill. Recognizing shame also takes practice. When you recognize you feel shame, as in feeling like you’re not enough, you can take action to change that feeling instead of going down the shame spiral. It’s not that you are “not enough” or “unlovable”, you simply don’t recognize what shame feels like.

Similar to the “Tidying Up” task of finding practical methods to find joy, it is helpful to start getting familiar with practical methods to resolve shame. The first lesson is feelings awareness, whether the feeling is joy or shame. Recognizing the feeling helps you tidy up your space or your feelings. In both cases, tidying leads to less stress and more joy.

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Shame is NOT a life sentence, so free yourself.

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