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Coloring Truth Pages

The coloring truth pages are a collaboration between Dolan Mayeda and Pep Chalk illustrator Julia Solazzo.

Dolan and Julia are excited to offer you a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your truth. Celebrate individually or with friends! Either way, the coloring pages are there for you to express yourself and take in your truth.

The coloring pages are intended as a reminder of the truth in your heart. The truth: I am Safe, I am Worthy, I am Beautiful, I am Enough and I Belong. The truth is simple but powerful. Your truth changes how you experience yourself and the world.

If your truth is not included in the current list reach out to Dolan and he can add it to the growing truth list. If you are interested in having your own personal truth coloring page created, then contact us and let us know.

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“I dream big. I dream that Shame Hack will bring people together from around the world. When people share their truth with someone many miles away and they relate. In this way you can see that people have similar feelings and stories all over the world. I hope this connection shrinks the world a bit and makes it a little more loving and compassionate place.” – Dolan Mayeda

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