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Purchase your book, schedule a group session, attend a webinar, or download your truth coloring pages.

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Shame Hack helps you feel understood. Answering the Four Simple Questions changes the way you experience yourself.  Resolve the feelings that have been bothering you.

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Attend Dolan’s Webinar about the 5 Insights to Free Yourself from Toxic Shame. It will be the most insightful forty-five minutes you’ve spent on your recovery. 

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Personal instruction is one of the most powerful ways to learn. If you are interested in working with Dolan in an individual or group setting, he is available for group sessions with a limited number of people.

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Coloring Pages

Celebrate your truth! Breathe color and your individuality into your truth. Download your free coloring page today.

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Shame Assessment

How often do you interact with shame? Take our quick Shame Assessment quiz to find your personal results.

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Personal instruction is the most powerful way to learn. If you are interested in participating in individual or group instruction from Dolan, he is available for coaching. Personal coaching involves individual or group interaction as Dolan helps you learn to Feel Your Truth. He will walk you through the process, breaking it down into manageable steps. He will help you move past your barriers while offering gentle guidance and support through your process.


Why get coached?

  • Clarification – you read the book and would like clarification on what you’ve read; you have some questions you would like answered.

  • Difficulty Getting Started – you could use some help getting started. Venturing into uncharted emotional territory can be scary and overwhelming. You want the reassurance of someone who has been there.

  • Encouragement – group lessons provide the encouragement and assurance you need to feel comfortable as you learn to feel, deal, and heal.

  • Forward Progress – you’ve stalled and need some help. You could use some help with feeling your feelings and discovering your truth.

  • Personalization – you understand that while the book provides a comprehensive system, there are nuances that can lead you to success in your specific situation.

  • Human Connection – lastly, you are ready for change, but you learn better from a person than a book.

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Watch My Masterclass on Freeing Yourself from Toxic Shame

It will be the most insightful 45 minutes you’ve spent on your recovery. Click the button below. Psst…it’s free.
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